October 03, 2013

Dress Code | Architects Vs Creatives

Richard Meier & Partners Sketch | Photo Source: Designology                        HBO's Game of Thrones Sketch | Photo Source: ifitshipitshere

Well, as an architect I've always been surrounded by a certain dress code. As for my personal style, I can't seem to get enough of black, white and grey, so maybe it's just something that runs through my veins and not something I would do on purpose.
I know by "close sources" that some offices have a dress code concerning a specific field or identity. Then, once again, after some internet surfing I came across this website which has a intriguing section about work wear. Off course that Richard Meier caught my attention but as a "Game of Thrones" fan[atic], I had to post some of the faces [and style] behind our favourite series!
What do you think? Could you have guess either way?

Richard Meier Office | Source: Work Wear
Richard Meier Office | Source: Work Wear
HBO | Source: Work Wear
HBO | Source: Work Wear

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