February 01, 2015

Creation is in our hands

A whole new life has begun since the last time I've posted.
Summer ended, Autumn is over and we find ourselves again in Winter.
I've moved to London to turmoil, stress and short grey days, I've learned much more that I could ever imagined, I've met new and irrefragably interesting people, I've balanced ways of looking into my life and adjust goals and purposes.
Today is Sunday. A day with a new meaning. A day of rest. A day filled with opportunities. A day for creation. From now on Sundays will be days to create, to make, to build. 
And because there's no such thing as coincidence, I've found these photos today from the lovely Isabel Martinez taken at the backstage of the Spring 2015 Couture Shows.
What can be more inspirational than hands working their way through needles, threads and fabrics.

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