November 29, 2013

Why do designers wear Black?

Actually, I can only presume. I can't say they wear black all the time, but they do it at some point.
I can only tell from my 'alldarkdays' experience, when black seems like the only wearable colour. From head to toe, it's the only way that [sometimes] I feel comfortable and I can't leave home without at least one black piece of clothing. It's just not safe!
It may happen to some of you, when shopping and you find yourself saying: 'Can't buy any more black clothes!'...Well, that never happens! Thought I could, perhaps, make an effort to wear something different this Winter, but's hopeless. 
But enough about me.
I think they wear black because is the most sober colour there is. Not in a dull or unimaginative way, but in a rational and a free from excess and extravagance way. It's serious and self-controlled.
Yes, they are the visual communicators that provide what? They deal with colour, materials, fabrics, people, every single day. It's about discretion. All eyes should be on the collection, on their work and not on themselves. God himself might be wearing black too [nuns and priest literally do]. 
Oh well...maybe they just want to be fashionable. What do you think?

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