September 05, 2013

Inspiring women | Vanessa Traina

The weeding dress by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy
Photo Source: Habitually Chic
It all began with a photo of a wedding dress. It was like a glance of purity.
The wedding became a perfect reference for a perfect celebration and next thing I knew, I was completely obsessed with this couple. Her style is flawless and their photos together speaks for itself. 
They complement each other.
Vanessa is Danielle Steel's daughter and began her career as an intern for Carine Roitfeld at Vogues Paris, having become a stylist, consultant, model and muse. Max is a photographer and an artist ad they met when she decided to pose for him. 
A love and fashionable story.

[1] In Louis Vuitton | Photo Source:     [2] In Chanel | Photo Source: The Cut
[1] In Alexander Wang | Photo Source: Harper's Bazaar          [2] In Balenciaga | Photo Source: Harper's Bazaar
In Givenchy
Photo Source: DeSmitten
Max Snow and Vanessa
Photo Source: Purple Diary

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